Journals and Conference Proceedings (Peer-viewed)

Workshop Papers

  • M. Nufail Farooqi, Tan Nguyen, Weiqun Zhang, Ann Almgren, John Shalf, and Didem Unat, "Asynchronous AMR on Multi-GPUs", First International Workshop on Legacy Software Refactoring for Performance (REFAC'19) in conjunction with ISC'19, June 2019

  • Buse Yilmaz, Ilyas Turimbetov, Didem Unat, "Program Analysis for Process Migration", 8th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on the State Of the Art in Program Analysis (SOAP 2019), June 2019

  • Can Aknesil and Didem Unat. "MAM: A Memory Allocation Manager for GPUs", 5. Ulusal Yüksek Başarımlı Hesaplama Konferansı, September, 2017

  • Pirah Noor Soomro and Didem Unat. "Easy Thread Binding on Multicore Architecture", 5. Ulusal Yüksek Başarımlı Hesaplama Konferansı, September, 2017

  • Enis Berk Çoban, Deniz Yüret and Didem Unat. "Multidimensional Broadcast Operation on the GPU", 5. Ulusal Yüksek Başarımlı Hesaplama Konferansı, September, 2017

  • Burak Bastem and Didem Unat. "SMC Simülasyonunun Bloklamalı GPU Gerçekleştirimi",  5. Ulusal Yüksek Başarımlı Hesaplama Konferansı, September, 2017

  • Didem Unat, Cy Chan, Weiqun Zhang, John Bell and John Shalf, Tiling as a Durable Abstraction for Parallelism and Data Locality, Workshop on Domain-Specific Languages and High-Level Frameworks for High Performance Computing, November 18, 2013,

  • Didem Unat, Xing Cai, Scott Baden, Optimizing the Aliev-Panfilov Model of Cardiac Excitation on Heterogeneous Systems, Para 2010: State of the Art in Scientific and Parallel Computing, June 6, 2013,

  • Didem Unat, Han Suk Kim, Jurgen Schulze, Scott Baden, Auto-optimization of a feature selection algorithm, Emerging Applications and Many-Core Architecture, June 2011,



  • Pirah Noor Soomro, MS Thesis: "A Framework for Task Placement on Multicore Architectures", Jan 2018 PDF

  • Hassan Salehe Matar, PhD Thesis: “Runtime Race Detection for Shared Memory Programming Models”, Jun 2018 PDF

  • Mohammad Laghari, MS Thesis: “Data Placement on Heterogeneous Memory Architectures”, August 2018 PDF

  • Muhammad Nufail Farooqi, PhD Thesis: “Asynchronous Runtime for AMR Applications on Exascale Systems”, Sept 2018 PDF

  • Burak Bastem, MS Thesis: "Tiling-Based Programming Model for GPU Clusters Targeting Structured Grids", April 2019

  • Doğa Dikbayır, MS Thesis: "Kernel and Launch Time Optimizations For Deep Learning Frameworks", July 2019


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