Members of the Parallel and Multicore Computing Laboratory (ParCoreLab) perform research in various areas of parallel computing including
  • Big Data Processing
  • Parallel language and library design
  • Compiler and runtime systems
  • Large-scale scientific and industrial simulations
  • Novel processor and memory architectures
  • Performance of machine learning algorithms

We have several active research projects, in collaboration with international institutions, and supercomputing centers world-wide. We are looking for new group members who are genuinely intrigued by large-scale parallel and multicore computing. If interested, please check out open positions or apply here.



Congrats to Najeeb

Congrats to Najeeb for getting his paper titled as "Load Balancing for Parallel Multiphase Flow Simulation" accepted for publication at Scientific Programming journal. Jan 2018.


Congrats to Pirah

Congrats to Pirah for successfully defending her MS Thesis titled as "A Framework for Task Placement on Multicore Architectures". Jan 2018.


Congrats to Hassan for his Elsevier Parallel Computing journal

Our paper on "Output nondeterminism detection for programming models combining dataflow with shared memory" is accepted for publication at Elsevier Parallel Computing (ParCo).
Congrats to Hassan.


Our high bandwidth memory paper will be presented at SBAC-PAD

Congrats to Mohammad for his paper accepted for presentation at SBAC-PAD, which is held in October 17-20 in Campinas, Brasil. The paper proposes an object placement algorithm for the KNL chip equipped with high bandwidth memory and high capacity memory. 



Our group is presenting four papers at BASARIM 2017 held in Istanbul, Turkey. Congrats to Pirah, Can, Burak and Enis.

Hassan's paper accepted for publication at RV 2017

Our paper "EmbedSanitizer: Runtime Race Detection Tool for 32-bit Embedded ARM" will appear at the 17th International Conference on Runtime Verification, RV'17 in September 2017 in Seattle USA.


Congrats to Burak for his paper accepted for publication at ICPP 2017

Our paper "Overlapping Data Transfers with Computation on GPU with Tiles" has been accepted by International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP) 2017 held in August 2017 in UK.  The overall acceptance rate is 28.4%.


Congrats to Nufail for his paper accepted for publication at Euro-Par 2017

Our paper entitled "Nonintrusive AMR Asynchrony for Communication Optimization" has been accepted for presentation at the Euro-Par 2017  Conference in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in August 2017 with acceptance rate of 30%.


PADAL Article accepted by IEEE TPDS

"Trends in Data Locality Abstractions for HPC Systems" co-authored by Dr. Unat is accepted for publication at IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS).

Prior News

[Jan 2017] Congrats to Nufail for his journal accepted for publication at IJHPCA. Our paper on communication analysis and optimization of Front Tracking Method for Multiphase Flow Simulations is accepted for publication at International Journal of High Perofrmance Computing Applications.

[Summer 2016] Lab Members Visiting Supercomputing center in California, USA: Our lab members Nufail Farooqi and Burak Bastem will be visiting the supercomputing center in USA this summer for 6 weeks. 

[Aug 2016] Journal at SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing: Our paper on AMR tiling is accepted for publication at SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing. This work is a collaboration with Weiqun Zhang and Ann Almgren at LBNL.

[July 2016] Paper Accepted for IEEE/ACM Supercomputing 2016: Our paper on the asynchronous runtime for AMR frameworks is accepted for publication at IEEE/ACM Supercomputing 2016.  The acceptance rate is 18%  (82/446 submissions). The conference will take place in Salt Lake City, USA in November.

[Jun 2016] Our paper on tiling library is accepted for publication at the International Supercomputing Conference in June, in Frankfurt Germany, 2016.

[Jan 2016] Dr. Unat has received 1001-TUBITAK award for 3 years.

[Jan 2016] Dr. Unat has received 3501-TUBITAK Young Career award for 2.5 years.

[Jan 2016] Our project with Prof. Metin Muradoglu has received 3 year funding from TUBITAK-1001.

[Jun 2015] Dr. Unat received the 2232- Yurda Dönüş Fellowship from TUBITAK for 2 years.

[Oct '15] Invited to give a talk at Basarim Conference in Ankara.

[Jun-August '15] Visited Simula Research Lab, Lawrence Berkeley Lab and Imperial College and gave a talk on our current research

[Feb '15] Dr. Unat received the Marie Curie Individual Fellowship for 2 years.

[Jan '15] Invited to give a talk at the Celebration of Anita Borg's birthday. Nice to see lots of women in Information Technologies.

[Dec '14] Our ExaSAT journal is now accepted by the IJHPCA.

[Nov '14] The PADAL report is released now.

[Nov '14] Organized a BOF at the Supercomputing Meeting in New Orleans.

[Sep '14] I have started my new position as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering at Koç University in Sept 1st.

[July '14] Our position paper with G. Michelogiannakis and J. Shalf at Modeling and Simulation Workshop (ModSim) got accepted.

[May '14] The Abstract Machine Model report v1.1 by LBL and Sandia is released. The latest version is available at CAL design webiste.

[April '14] PADAL Workshop in Lugano, Switzerland. Along with John Shalf (LBL), Torsten Hoefler(ETH), Thomas Schulthess (CSCS), I am organizing a workshop on Programming Model Abstractions for Data Locality.

[Feb '14] SIAM PP'14 Meeting in Portland, USA. Organized a minisymposium on Hierarchical and Iteration Space Tiling.