Open Positions

We have several active research projects, in collaboration with industry, international institutions, and supercomputing centers world-wide.  Research projects include but not limited to

  • Scalable Deep Learning, Systems and AI
  • Beyond Moore Parallel Programming
  • Large-scale Sparse/Graph Computation

If interested (postdoc, Ph.D. and M.Sc), please visit the position details.


Najeeb Ahmad’s paper is accepted for publication at IEEE TPDS

Congrats to Najeeb Ahmad, a Ph.D. student of Dr. Didem Unat for his paper getting accepted to IEEE Transactions of Parallel and Distributed Systems.  His paper proposes a split execution model for Sparse Triangular Solve and presents novel algorithms to split the execution of the solver between CPU and GPU. Paper, presentation and artifacts will be

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Dr. Didem Unat is awarded with an ERC starting grant of 1.5M EUR. First ERC in Computer Science from Turkey!

Didem Unat (Professor, Computer Engineering) is awarded an ERC Starting Grant for her proposal titled “BeyondMoore: Pioneering a New Path in Parallel Programming Beyond Moore’s Law” with a budget of 1.5M EUR. Her project is going to address the post-Moore’s Law crisis in the field of computer programming and proposes a novel programming model for e

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Najeeb Ahmad (Ph.D. Student) received the “Best Artifact” award at Euro-Par 2020

Najeeb Ahmad, a Ph.D. student of Dr. Didem Unat received the "Best Artifact" award at Euro-Par 2020 conference (24% acceptance rate) held virtually at Warsaw, Poland. Out of the 39 accepted papers, artifacts for 13 papers were accepted and one was chosen for this award.

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Dr. Unat recieved a new EuroHPC grant, with a total budget of 2.6M Euros

Dr. Didem Unat received a new EuroHPC grant - Towards Extreme Scale Technologies and Applications.  The action has a total budget of 2.6M Euros with 6 partners in Europe, where Dr. Unat will be leading the Consortium.

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Our Paper Is Accepted For Publication At Europar’20

Congrats to Najeeb and Buse for their paper accepted at Europar'20, a major European Parallel Processing conference. Our paper is titled as "A Prediction Framework for Fast Sparse Triangular Solves", which presents a machine learning approach for selecting algorithms for sparse triangular solves. If interested, send us an email to receive a pre-ca

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