Lab Members

Head of the Lab

Asst. Prof. Didem Unat   

Affliate - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA, USA

Ph.D University of California, San Diego, USA

Contact: dunat  AT   

CV.pdf and Website:


Ph.D  Students

Muhammad Nufail Farooqi

Contact: mfarooqi14  AT

MS : National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan

My research focuses on design and development of a programming model and runtime system for Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) applications executing on emerging parallel architectures in the exascale era. The goal of the programming model is to enable legacy AMR applications to hide communication cost behind computation with modest amount of programming effort and exploit asynchrony as much as possible.

Hassan Salehe Matar 

Contact: hmatar  AT

Bachelor: Middle East Technical University, Turkey

My research focuses on designing and improving algorithms and tools for detecting concurrency errors in parallel programs. I previously worked on improving performance of race detection algorithms using Intel(r)-TSX and interned at Intel in Munich for 1.5 years.

Najeeb Ahmad 

Contact: nahmad16  AT

MS: Beihang University, Beijing, China

My research focuses on the parallelization and optimizations of unstructured meshes on emerging multicore architectures. I particularly deal with data locality issues for sparse data structures on the chip and work on reservoir simulations as a motivating group of applications.

Muhammad Aditya Sasongko 

Contact: msasongko17  AT

MS: Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey, BS: Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

My research focuses on tool development for shared memory multicore architectures. Recently I am working on a tool that automatically generates communication matrices for threads.

Pirah Noor Soomro

Contact: psoomro16 AT

Bachelor: Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan 

I am particularly interested in reducing communication overhead and data access latency in shared memory programming models. I am working on a thread binding tool, in which I aim to automatically bind threads of a parallel application based on application behavior and underlying hardware topology.


MS  Students

Burak Bastem

Contact: bbastem AT

Bachelor: Koç University, Turkey

I am working on design and implementation of tiling based multi-process multi-GPU execution using TiDA. TiDA is a tiling data abstraction which enhances data locality and manages parallelism on NUMA nodes. I'm currently working on extending current API to execute applications on heterogenous systems with GPUs.

Mohammad Laghari

Contact: mlaghari16 AT

Bachelor: Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS), Pakistan

My primary research focuses on object placement on heterogeneous memory systems, particularly I study the Intel Knights Landing architecture. I am developing algorithms and necessary tools to guide the programmer to place objects on different types of memories to improve performance.

Doğa Dikbayır

Contact: ddikbayir17 AT

Bachelor: Ankara I.D Bilkent University, Turkey

I am currently working on parallelisation and optimization of machine learning algorithms on GPU. I particularly focus on the KNET Deep Learning Framework developed at Koc University. My goal is to reduce the communication overhead and memory accesses of machine learning core kernels.



Can Aknesil

Bachelor: Koç University, Turkey

First Position: KTH Royal Institute of Technology - MSc Embedded Systems, Sweden




Metin Muradoğlu (Koç University, Mechanical Engineering)

John Shalf (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)

Ann Almgren (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)

Xing Cai (Simula Research Laboratory, Norway)

Deniz Yüret (Koç University)

Anshu Dubey (Argonne National Laboratory)

Milind Chabbi (Baidu Research, USA)